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Tabluter is the program most radical intervention created specially to eradicate Siwian women illiteracy without breaking any social taboos . the ICT tools success is attributed to the following:

  • It Works from homes, women regularly trained on IE official curricula, basic IT knowledge, and general awareness modules.
  • The e-content is directed towards raising general awareness on everyday activities including health, education, political rights, environment, and family care, in a way that improves these women ability to deal with every day challenge.
  • It has proved to have the potential of significantly increasing women's skills and enhancing their abilities to employ ICTs to empower themselves towards better employment opportunities, higher income and welfare of lifestyle.
  • It's worth mentioning here that after the 1st training round, all Trainers, especially women, were hired.
  • Some Siwan women have educated others like Bahia El Said who succeeded not only to duplicate the training on more than 300 women in the Siwan community but also to inspire them to play a more effective role in the development of the Siwan community.