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Objectives and principles

Through its transparency and information policy ICT-TF aims to improve accountability and strengthen the exchange of knowledge and information. The policy is designed not only to provide the public with data and documents on ICT-TF work and results, but also to foster an intensive exchange of information with partners in project countries, clients and cooperation partners.

By communicating and publishing information ICT-TF also promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience with other developmental organizations, universities, research institutions, private sector and civil society organizations … etc.

Transparency concept

Egypt ICT-TF promotes transparency and exchange by making a great deal of information available to the public. This includes:

  • Important corporate documents (annual reports, financial statements, organization charts, conceptual and strategy papers)
  • Sector-related information materials (brochures and films),
  • Public relations products (annual report, and monthly newsletter).
  • Project-specific documents and data (short project descriptions and evaluation reports),
  • Announcements (job advertisements and invitations to Events and conferences)

    In –house papers, reports, and internal communication

   In-house papers, reports are designed to provide ICT-TF staff members with information and guidance. Decisions on whether or not to make these materials available to third parties in certain cases are taken by the responsible managers.