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ICT - TF Success As Viewed By Partners

“This is a top tier program with tremendous vision and application. It shows vision, reach, innovation and strong values”

Italian Cooperation Program Evaluator 


“The qualified collaboration and partnerships created, have been fundamental for the quality of each project and of the programme as a whole”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


“The successful spread of ICTs awareness, in the most remote and underprivileged provinces of Egypt, has been highly valued by beneficiaries” 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


“The potential for socio-economic development through the deployment of ICT has encouraged the implementation of more projects”

Dr.Adel El Zaieem, IDRC


“The diversity of efforts: numerous self paced learning modules, mobile units, the Tabluter to overcome cultural constraints, the portal and sub portal and the monitoring and evaluative components. All of it is replicable in total or in parts and available in various ways to assist interested parties”                                                                             

Mr. Sherif El Tokali, UNDP


“Egypt ICT Trust Fund (EICTTF) heavily used pubic organization started with UNDP support/funding. ICT development is targeted for environmental and socioeconomic progress with information provision using computers and the Internet, which has very successful positive effects on the community with several international funding partners."

Mr. Akhtar Badshah,