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Open source & Data center

The Egyptian ICT Fund seeks leadership in the field of open source and free software in Egypt and the Arab region, especially in its applications for providing information and knowledge to marginalized and disadvantaged groups and in the field of sustainable development using information technology.

The Egyptian ICT Fund established an information center using open source free software technologies at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology headquarters in Mohandeseen in 2014. The Center serves many community projects and provides community-wide web hosting services 24 hours a day. It also serves in the development of online electronic content and innovative applications, which ultimately contribute to the promotion of an innovative IT sector.

In the same context, the Fund contributes in providing technical support and addressing technical problems that may be faced by projects carried out by the Egyptian ICT Fund. It also aids in obtaining information and project outputs from evaluations and surveys as well as providing technical systems to analyze user comments that contribute to M&E processes.