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"The new technologies that are changing our world are not a panacea or a magic bullet. But they are, without doubt, enormously powerful tools for development. They create jobs. They are transforming education, health care, commerce, politics and more."

(Kofi Anan, Former Secretary General of United Nations, 2001 ICT Task Force Meeting)

Egypt Information and Communication Technology Trust Fund (ICT-TF) was jointly established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in January 2002.

The ICT-TF is a mechanism that aims to investigate the different means by which ICTs can enrich the livelihood of Egyptian citizens, as well as to foster social, economic and environmental development by creating public-private partnerships to support the use of ICTs.

By empowering communities with access to valuable tools, skills, training and information, ICT-TF hopes to broaden the horizons of Egyptian citizens and increase their competitive advantage in a modern technological society.

Egypt ICT Trust Fund Timeline:

Phase I: Accessibility and Affordability
This Phase fostered the socio economic development in Egypt.

Phase II: Empowerment and Expanding
This Phase contributed to the sustainable Human development in Egypt by scaling up phase I projects and inventing novel ICT solutions from-to local communities.

Phase III: Integration and Sustainability
This phase aims to strengthen the impacts of the comprehensive development on Egyptian citizens' lives using ICT.