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Egypt ICT Trust Fund is managed by the UNDP in collaboration with the MCIT, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in line with UNDP's policies and procedures.

The Fund is guided by two committees; the Steering Committee that sets the Fund's policies and approves projects submitted for funding and the Management Committee that reviews and assesses performance.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-Egypt)

The Egypt ICT-TF contributes to the achievement of all MDGs, except Combating HIV/AIDS as well as the SDGs, as the local Economic Development component supports “Ending Poverty and Hunger”, the Social Community Empowerment component seeks to improve “Universal Education, Child health, and Maternal Health”, and the Environmental Protection component will contribute to “Environmental Sustainability”. On the other hand the intersectional guiding principles support Gender Equality and Global Partnership.



Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT):

“Digital Socio-Economic Development The Way forward to Prosperity  ... Freedom  ... Social Equity”

The ICT sector, in the it’s strategic direction focuses on adapting ICTs to find solutions to issues of concern to the Egyptian community. While this process has indeed already begun, the sector now develop a community vision based on the principle that development should occur not only in the public service sector but also in the managerial approach of the state and its constituent bodies.

Egypt ICT Trust Fund vision and objectives is highly contributing to achieve Egypt’s  ICT strategy 2013-2017. In sense that the Fund’s works focusing on strengthening the impact of comprehensive development on citizen’s lives through integrating ICTs across all sectors to serve the national development priorities, including poverty alleviation and generating employability and Education improvement.