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Request For Proposal:Designing and Delivering of Vocational Training and offering job placements for 60 Candidates

In this proposal Egypt ICT Trust Fund  aims to provide a job placement program that will reach 60 Egyptian men and women under the age of 30. The program will provide participants with market driven education skills that leads to employment.

Your offer comprising of technical proposal and financial proposal, in separate sealed envelopes, should be delivered no later than 2:00 PM, 30th  August , 2012        


- Kindly note that the tender deadline will be extended to 30th August,2012

- Training required is more related to soft skills than technical skills, but could include some technical skills according to the available jobs and the needs of this job. Soft skills may include some specific trainings as well, not the very well known trainings

- Who will select the 60 candidates?

The contractor will be responsible for selecting the candidates

- Where is the training location?

ICT Trust Fund is responsible for affording the training location.

- who will cover the accommodation for the instructors if the location outside Cairo or Alexandria

Training should be in Cairo and the whole training expenses will be paid by the contractor.

How long is the training period

Training should not exceed 2 months.

- Who will pay the  monthly premium for the candidates 

No monthly premium will be paid for the candidates.

- How many hours will be the training period? 

The training will be conducted in parallel, the 3 groups in 2 months.

- When will  the training time in the day ( full day - half day - starts in the morning or after noun )

It should be full day, starts in the morning

- Who will provide any equipments in the technical track if we need it in the practical sections?

Training should be mainly soft skills and in case of technical training the equipments are your responsibility

- How long is the internship period we have to afford?

Not less than 2 months

- Will the trainees get  monthly premium through the internship period?

No monthly premium

-Target jobs are Jobs that depend on using ICT products. Target jobs can be in trade and industry companies and not only for ICT companies. 

- Training Premise and catering will be the responsibility of ICT Trust Fund.