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ICT-TF as a finalist in Stockholm Challenge Award 2010

As the English proverb that says, "All well that ends well", 2010 seems to be full of breakthroughs especially when it is coming near to its end. 

This year, ICT-TF has been chosen as a finalist in Stockholm Challenge Award 2010 through 2 projects; ICT development for M/SMEs (ICT 4 M/SMEs) project and Integrated Program to develop Siwa Oasis, using ICT project.
But what is Stockholm Challenge Award?
In 1995, the City of Stockholm launched the Bangemann Challenge, an ICT competition between cities and regions in Europe in the field of development. And in 1997, the first Award Ceremony was held in Stockholm, in the presence of His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.  On the night of the Award Ceremony the Mayor of Stockholm announced the launch of the Global Bangemann Challenge. Like its forerunner it was a competition between cities and regions, but now world-wide. And hence, the Stockholm Challenge has been internationalized.
Now, this worldwide challenge awards projects that have the most significant effects on social and economic life while using ICT and targeting entrepreneurship. Every year, themes are selected to match the UN Millennium Development Goals and cover a wide spectrum of services and activities for people, communities and their environments. 
In 2010, Among 274 submitted projects categorized into 5 sections (culture, education, environment, public administration, health, and economic development); ICT-TF has been chosen as a finalist in the field of economic development and Health through "ICT development for M/SMEs (ICT 4 M/SMEs)" and "Integrated Program to develop Siwa Oasis, using ICT" consequently.