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Knowledge Society

ICT is one of the most important factors enabling Egypt's economic and social development, through new technologies that promote the development of the knowledge society, which can accelerate the process of sustainable development, particularly in communities of special nature, and to create jobs and help the society towards creating the knowledge economy.
The Egyptian ICT Fund aims to create the right environment for the promotion and accessibility of Arabic digital content, as well as the development community culture on the use of ICT in knowledge production for sustainable community development.
In this context, the Egyptian ICT Fund was one of the first initiators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the development of the knowledge society using ICTs. In 2003, it launched the Kenana Online community development portal aimed at creating and enriching Arab knowledge, through the development and operation of a system to build websites and high-quality knowledge portals, which is available free of charge, and depends mainly on the content that members of the community share and exchange.
The Fund has also worked through community development gateways to build a practical model to create a sustainable mechanism for generating and managing knowledge through the adoption and implementation of a knowledge for development strategy. This is based on providing ICT infrastructure, through the provision of free web site services, as well as publishing, and promoting the culture of knowledge sharing and generation.
In the same context, the Egyptian ICT Trust Fund works to build knowledge bases by preserving the inherent knowledge of the rural population which does not reach the hands of researchers to benefit from and document them. In this context, the local expert system was aimed at building the capacity of specialists in agricultural knowledge engineering, and the production of models of agricultural knowledge bases.