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In accordance with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology strategy of supporting the nation's developmental efforts, and in line with the strategic dimensions of the vision of Egypt 2030, especially the health pillar which places the improvement of health care as a national priority; and given the effective role of communications and information technologies in supporting sustainable development efforts, the Egyptian ICT Trust Fund has launched the Telemedicine Initiative in order to improve the quality of health care services for citizens, and to increase access to health services in remote and rural areas.

The Egyptian ICT Fund has been working on the Telemedicine Initiative since 2008 through the Comprehensive Technological Development Project in Siwa Oasis, followed by the Integrated Technological Development Project in Nuba Area in Aswan in 2013.

the Fund works through several axes targeting the citizen, the doctor and the health infrastructure. In terms of citizens, it aims to improve health care services offered to citizens, particularly in remote and rural areas in addition to reducing the heavy financial costs of health services, saving time and effort of traveling long distances.

Remote diagnosis also enables doctors in remote governorates to improve their performance and share experiences through a continuous learning process with expert physicians located in the capital.

For the health services infrastructure, telemedicine promotes medical technology solutions by establishing various remote diagnostic units throughout remote areas, as well as establishing an electronic database of medical records and reports to improve the efficiency of human resources management of the human and technological sector.