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Outreaching and Training

The outreach mechanism is one of the key pillars of success of the Egyptian ICT Fund to reach the project beneficiaries in the local communities through establishing and building strong networks of civil society organizations and NGOs in all Egyptian governorates. The permanent network of partnerships ensures the sustainability of work in the development activities carried out by the Fund in the various regions in order to promote economic and social development in the Egyptian society

The Fund therefore builds the capacity of NGOs involved in the implementation of activities and projects in the various governorates by providing ongoing support and TOT programs that contribute to the graduation of groups of trainers who can meet the actual needs of their communities and training programs.

Community outreach and training also includes the design of research plans and studies related to community needs in the areas of public services, education and training.

In the same context, the Fund seeks to maintain strong communication channels with NGOs as well as with information officials in all governorates to ensure exchange of experiences and cooperation, through regular field visits to assess NGO performance and the provision of regular guidance.

On the other hand, communication and training eforts are constantly improving the internal work environment through the provision of capacity-building programs and training courses that help meet business needs.