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The Egyptian ICT Fund works to achieve sustainability of its projects and activities through a number of factors, including activating community outreach, building the capacity of individuals and innovative use of IT tools.
The Fund develops successful models by integrating all available resources, efforts and capacities, infrastructure, technology tools, knowledge and specialized content for comprehensive community development.
In the context of project sustainability, the Egyptian ICT Task Force is replicating and re-applying new models, including IT applications, that contribute to sustainable community development.
In the field of dissemination of training curricula; the Fund's team works to provide curricula on technological tools such as CDs and websites, through cooperation with training institutions in the development and production of specialized training packages for entrepreneurship, capacity building, project planning, Finance and marketing, as well as training packages for web and graphic design to ensure sustainability of the community impact of projects.
Through its activities, the Fund seeks to stimulate community engagement and build strong partnerships with civil society institutions, government institutions and the private sector through networking and knowledge exchange mechanisms as an effective means of sustaining development projects after the end of the funding period.